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The SDSG Program is a value added service that enables distributors to benefit from a combination of an "In Stock" guarantee tag and preferred placement in the search results.

If your parts show on the first page, at the top of the page, and are tagged with SDSG it will make them stand out. Buyers will notice them immediately.

When buyers search the world's largest selection of electronic parts available for immediate shipment they will have to notice the parts in your inventory that match their requirements.
With DistiStock electronic purchasing professionals see Digi Key, Avnet, Arrow, Mouser, TTI etc. and hundreds of
independents in one screen; participating in the SDSG program will ensure that your inventory will be displayed prominently and "in good company".

The SDSG tag inspires confidence in the thousands of buyers who are searching for parts with DistiStock every day. When buyers see the SDSG tag beside your parts, they are confident that: To be eligible to participate in this program you must guarantee that the parts listed in your uploaded stock list represent real physical in-house inventory of new and original parts. Third party availabilities do not qualify; sorry.
You also guarantee that the parts listed in your uploaded stock list are ready for shipping on the same business day in which you receive the purchase order, to qualified customers who meet your credit requirements or meet your trade eligibility requirements. To register for the SDSG Program click here.

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