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What is DistiStock?
DistiStock is a downloadable computer program that communicates with the world's leading authorized and independent distributors with a single click. The distributors are located in 22 countries on 5 continents.

DistiStock enables resolving supply-chain issues and the easy comparison of Availability, Prices, Lead-Times, RoHS compliance, MOQ's, Alternate part-numbers and more.

DistiStock is used for locating inventory of electronic parts wherever they may be around the globe. It is also used for decision support relating to purchasing and production.

Special alerts notify the user about obsolescence, factory-allocation, and future delivery dates/long lead time.

DistiStock puts at your fingertips, the information you need for making better decisions.

How does DistiStock work?
The user enters an individual manufacturer's part-number in the search box and DistiStock retrieves up-to-the-minute information about this part from the Web.

DistiStock employs your Internet connection, your computer hardware and our Cloud Resident infrastructure, utilizing our own proprietary technology, to simultaneously interact with all the included Distributors. The retrieved information is then displayed individually Disti by Disti in the Results page as well as in an interactive Summary table and Independents table. The sequence of the display is on a First Come First Served basis.

Is it too much information?
The user receives only the information that is relevant to the particular part-number being searched. Non-essential information such as advertisements, menu bars, links to other pages, etc. is not included. This reduces the user's information overload and optimizes the user's experience.

To further reduce the information overload, the data is presented in an interactive, sort-able and filter-able summary table.

Should I take a coffee break while waiting for DistiStock to finish?
DistiStock is fast: The amount of time DistiStock would take to deliver the summarized information is similar to the amount of time it would normally take a user to manually retrieve information from a single disti's website.
Who may benefit from using DistiStock?
Supply chain executives, purchasing professionals, buyers, engineers, Distributors, brokers and quality-control technicians among others.
Is DistiStock affiliated with any Authorized Distributors?
No. DistiStock is not affiliated with any Authorized Distributor.
Does DistiStock collect any user's personal information?
Why do I get so many update notifications?
The fluid nature of the information and technologies that are employed on the internet requires us to keep on top of the changes and to provide you with the latest upgrades. We are committed to keeping DistiStock's performance at the level you have come to expect (or better).
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