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If You Buy Parts

Locate in-stock inventory that otherwise you would never know existed. Easily compare prices, MOQ's, lead times and RoHS status. Get obsolesence and EOL alerts. Find new suppliers. See possible alternative parts. Validate orderable part numbers.

If You Sell Parts

Find out what your competition is doing.
Assess current pricing and availability. Analyze prevailing supply and demand conditions. Facilitate pricing decisions.

If You Design Electronics

Parts that are not widely stocked are likely to present supply problems. Find and use alternative parts. Compare RoHS status. Assess availability and lead-times to avoid future delivery challenges.

If You Need to Identify Parts

Get quick access to product images and PDF datasheets. Validate orderable part numbers. Identify EOL, discontinued, obsolete parts. Search a partial P/N and indentify the full P/N.

If You Train New Staff

Use DistiStock to familiarize with the major suppliers. Show how to locate inventory and identify discontinued, obsolete and EOL. Compare pricing, factory lead times, RoHS status and MOQ's. Validate orderable part numbers.

If You Assemble Circuit Boards

Get a quick overview of supply chain bottlenecks. Get alerted to factory stock, pipeline delivery dates, factory lead-times, and direct replacements.
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