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DistiStock is a real-time business intelligence software application that is dedicated to the electronic components industry. At its core DistiStock employs a real-time, specialized and focused, proprietary web search engine that retrieves information and market intelligence about board-level electronic parts and components. It facilitates the freer flow of information from and among the international community. It empowers the user by maximizing the amount of relevant information that can be accessed simultaneously, from a large number of relevant sources around the world while enabling ease of comprehension and assimilation of large amount of data in short time. The information is retrieved strictly from recognized authorized distributors of electronic parts and components. This information is deemed accurate and reliable because it originates from the manufacturers that have authorized those distributors to publish the said information and to sell their products. Authorized distributors tend to make substantial investment in their IT infrastructure as a cornerstone of their business model and thus are able to publish in real time, up to the minute, accurate data.
DistiStock is based on the following fundamental principles.
  • DistiStock is developed to meet the needs of the electronic component industry and improve productivity.
  • Only authorized distributors are included in DistiStock.
  • All searches are done in real-time with the latest information.
  • The information presented by DistiStock must be verifiably authentic.
  • DistiStock's scope is international. It is designed to be useful for electronic components industry professionals in any country.
  • DistiStock is user-friendly. It is interactive, filterable and sortable and thus facilitates decision support.
  • DistiStock searches the inventory of 71 distributors in short time and takes the tediousness out.
  • DistiStock addresses the most common supply chain bottlenecks and concerns for quality.
The authorized distributors below are recognized members of the global electronic components industry and are included in DistiStock:

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