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DistiStock: efficient sourcing of authorized electronic parts

DistiStock has just been released to the Electronic Components industry. DistiStock is a software productivity tool that helps components’ buyers, purchasing agents, electronics engineers and other electronic components purchasing professionals retrieve up-to–the minute information about in-stock, authorized inventory, prices, lead-times, RoHS status, MOQ’s and more. DistiStock retrieves the information from 66 major authorized electronic distributors in a single click. DistiStock includes distributors in 21 countries on 5 continents.

“What sets DistiStock apart is that the information is retrieved in real time. In other words, the information you see represent the real picture at the very moment that the user searches for it, not information stored in a database that at best is last night’s news, or at worst, completely outdated. DistiStock enables users’ desktops to communicate with the authorized distributors directly, efficiently and in real time. For users, this means that DistiStock’s information can be counted on; the parts are authentic, the quantities are real, the prices are current, and the manufacturers are the actual manufacturers on your AVL. There is no need to worry about phantom stock, budget overruns or counterfeit parts.

By facilitating quick access to up-to-the-minute authorized inventory information from major distributors of electronic components around the world, DistiStock helps alleviate the most common supply-chain bottle-necks, as well as addressing concerns about counterfeit and substandard electronic components” reported Gunter Richter, a senior developer of DistiStock.

A typical DistiStock real-time search of all 66 distributors takes about 20 to 30 seconds, give or take a few seconds. That would be the time it would take to visit a single distributor’s web site and record the findings in a spreadsheet, assuming the distributor has the desired parts in stock to begin with, which often is not the case. The DistiStock search could be completed in an even shorter time, but the developers of DistiStock ensure that there is enough CPU capacity and network-card bandwidth left for other apps that users may be running simultaneously.

The results from DistiStock are meaningful. Not only do you get the most recent stock levels and price breaks, you also get MOQ’s, factory lead-times, RoHS status and alternative parts. Special alerts about obsolescence, anticipated ship dates, factory allocation, NRND, Off-shore inventory and NCNR are also supplied. All are summarized in an interactive spreadsheet that makes for easy comparison, sorting, filtering and cross-referencing. A “buy” button on each line takes you directly to the distributor’s online shopping cart for that particular part. The spreadsheet can be exported to an Excel XML. This capability is aimed at helping IT staff who may need to integrate the results from a DistiStock search into their company’s internal processing, in a way that’s still text-based but allows more flexibility than a CSV format can.

DistiStock is licensed to the end user on a subscription basis.
To download a no commitment, no hassle, 30 days Free Trial, go to www.dististock.com

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